The First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ 
Dunbarton, New Hampshire    

6 Stark Highway North ▪ Dunbarton, NH ▪ 03046 ▪ 603-774-4601 ▪

"Restore the Roof" 2013

Did you know the last time the church had a new roof
was in 1969? Where were you then?

Thanks to everyone's extraordinary generosity, our new roof is on and paid for! God bless our Trustees for overseeing this project and painting the entire north side of the church!

Why now?

The First Congregational Church has been serving the Dunbarton community for almost 225 years. Built in 1836, our beautiful meetinghouse occupies a place of prominence on our historic village green. Our trustees work hard to maintain the building’s appearance and functionality as a place for weekly worship, concerts, and many other community activities. After 44 years, the existing roof must be replaced! The church voted unanimously at its Annual Meeting to complete this project in 2013.

When will the new roof be installed?
The new roof will be installed in May/June of this year!

Who will do the work?
After a thorough bidding project, an excellent and experienced roofing company from Manchester will complete the work.

How will the church pay for this initiative?
By vote, the church is borrowing $25,000 from the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ, at approximately 1.5% interest. Our goal is to completely repay this indebtedness within five years through special multi-year pledges, financial gifts, and donations from members, friends, and caring community members.

What happens if we raise more money than we need?
In the rare event donations exceed our roofing needs, they will be applied to the church's Capital Reserve Fund for future maintenance of its buildings and grounds.

Who Should Give?
Anyone connected with the Dunbarton Congregational Church, past and present, is urged to participate, along with community members and friends who appreciate the importance of our 1836 meetinghouse to the ambiance of our beautiful Town Center.

How You Can Give . . .

There are nine levels of giving available. Each can be spread over a five year period:









































Please know that any amount is helpful. Our goal is 100% participation from our members and friends!

To complete your pledge card,
please click HERE.

Please submit your Pledge Card by May 31, 2013

To make an online payment, please click 

Payments can be made via check, Paypal, and/or credit cards. Annual reminder notices will be available. It is very important that we live into our promise to fund this initiative. Please consider your pledge prayerfully, and be as generous as possible. As always, pledges can be renegotiated if special circumstances arise.

Thank you so much, and God bless!

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